Anand Jagdale

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1999

Anand believes that transparency and fluid nature makes watercolor an amazing painting medium. It gives him an unpredictable, surprising effects and he believes if its used in controlled style watercolor gives most of what an artist must have visualised. It’s like a continuous communication amongst medium, subject and artist.

Anand paints in semi realistic style and tries to put across his personal interpretation in the subjects he paints.


sihangad -  14x20inches - 15000


Gopal Gokul Pardeshi

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2000, Arts Teacher Diploma (A.T.D.) 1996

Gopal is a contemperory painter who likes to paint old structures and artifacts found in Indian villages in realstic and abstract style. Objects like old styled windows and doors and structures found in old villages are his favourite subjects. He is fond of Acrylic colours because the kind of texture he gets and it dries fast giving him instant results.

One of the unique points about Gopal’s painting is that he frames a canvas before he starts painting and includes frame into the painting as well. This gives him interesting oppurtunities to represent his subjects and composition.

window light _acrylic on canvas 3' by 3'

Blue vase(kundi)_acrylic on canvas 3' by 3'

blue kandil_acrylic on canvas 3' by 3'


Gouri Shirish Velhal

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1999

Gouri believes that nature itself is an Art and everyone feels and expresses this from their own perceptions. She has her own way to feel this artistic nature and express it on to the canvas. She mentions that her paintings are helping her to move ahead in life and there is immense satisfaction, inspiration and happiness she gets when she paints. “Different forms, shapes, bright and pleasant colour combinations, textures does brings best out of me and keeps me going” she claims. Gouri believes her paintings speak not just with her but with others as well and make everyone’s life colourful and meaningful.

At vyakt, Gouri’s theme is “Faces” where she’s tried to different feelings and expressions using vibrant colors. Human body is nature’s best creativity and human face is perhaps the most attractive part of it. In India, there are many traditions and cultures wherein each of them have significance to specific colours. As an artist, I always tried to play with pleasant bright colour combinations to create beauty.






Prashant S Shingade

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1999

Prashant has been working in the design field where creativity is respected and used with a commercial purpose however he felt it is always in the form of need and supply. This being the reason, the inner quest of creativity beyond what he does as a professional.

Since beginning, Prashant had inclination towards use of charcoal, graphite pencil shading as a medium and he continues to use this medium in his art pieces to depict imaginary phenomena coming from the interaction between humans and the surroundings. Indeed there is a great inspiration from the works of artists who reached beyond real world in their expression.






Rahul J. Phulkar

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1999

Miniature paintings in Indian style using acrylics, usually dealt in by Rahul J. Phulkar in general, offer rich and vibrant use of colors, employ pastoral settings, and focus on human figures; and these paintings are no exception to this generality.

The color palette, backdrop, and figures used in these paintings are purely Indian and give an essence of the traditional Indian art and culture. And yet the creative genius of the artist has allowed him to express his individuality despite this generality. These paintings are essentially “creations” of the artist’s imagination, in which he has employed all his innovative energies to capture glimpses of his imaginative, artistic world. In his work, he has tried to convey “his” own idea of beauty and has eternalized beauty in the process.




Sameer Shroff

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1999

Sameer has good art skills and artistic mind. He loves painting landscapes and likes to capture various life incendents using watercolor and acrylic paints. He always enhances his painting with flow and fresh colors.

House Goa


Sea Goa




Sandeep Karmarkar

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2000

Sandeep gets his inspiration from mother nature and he attempts to capture unique landscapes, lighting or objects from his daily life. “Its very satisfying to capture and paint your ideas on paper and I feel paintings are one of the best methods of communication.” Says the artist. Although Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt’s are his favorite artists, you’ll find Monet’s Impressionist style in many of his artworks in Pastel medium. Sandeep has a successful career in the IT industry and is always comfortable to finds out oppurtunities to paint.

At Vkyta, Sandeep’s theme is “India” where he has captured things that are unique about India using Soft Pastel medium. He loves the bright soft pastels and unique challenges this medium brings in. Sandeep typically paints landscapes in semi realistic style but also likes to bring in some element of abstraction.


brundavan garden_medium





Saurabh Doke

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1999

Saurabh has been working in the advertising/communication field. Creativity is respected and used with a commercial purpose.

He truly believes art is everywhere around you. Literally! You just have look for it. He loves anything and everything that has a purpose to the design. Art isn’t necessarily just oil on canvas, water colors on paper or photography prints. From well-designed water bottles to crafted words and well-balanced colour on canvas to truck art. He seeks design from every part of daily life.

As a famous Maharashtrian writer and poet P. L. Deshpande once said, “For living you should be educated to earn your daily bread. But if you know and if you understand the art, then it will teach you how to live.” He paints on paper and canvas. He also writes, designs furniture and lamps.